CASE Study - Crypto donations

Case Study

The Sinai Foundation, an industry leader in donor engagement wished for a channel to accept crypto-currency donations. Refine Labs provided the back-end solution of crypto donation wallet security and crypto-to-fiat transactions while MLG Blockchain designed the webpage UX. Refine Labs was contracted by DBMC for the complete solution. 


Sinai Foundations expands their presence as industry leading innovators in Donor Engagement.


 Bitcoin donations represent an untapped flow of donations and are a unique form of donor engagement.


Develop a channel to accept Bitcoin donations while preserving the public trust in the name and reputation of the Sinai Foundation .

Threat vs Value

Threat: As a new technology Bitcoin represented many unknowns along with a history of unfortunate occurrences. Value: New generation donors have an optimistic opinion of digital currencies and  demonstrate a willingness to donate their newly found Bitcoin wealth.


Refine Labs would architect and develop a secure backend Bitcoin donation management system with strict attention to security keeping in mind that the Sinai Foundation's brand reputation was on the line. MLG Blockchain would participate as UX designer.


The Bitcoin Donation Management System proved itself to be 100% competent in maintaining its mission and purpose.  Donations have been submitted through websites, hard copy media and digital display boards. 

Steakholder Results

Donors have been delighted with the interface and overall experience.  Sinai technology staff enjoyed a seamless integration experience while implementing the solution. Sinai administration staff have enjoyed robust data and reporting features of the solution.

The Sinai Foundation now enjoys a new channel to accept donations for their worthy cause. 

As an organization Sinai's worries and concerns regarding the security and integrity of their Bitcoin Donation system are now a thing of the past. There is unanimous comfort regarding Sinai's brand integrity now  the system has been proven.  

Donate Now

Please make a donation to the very worthy Sinai Foundation here. 

Sinai Foundation Bitcoin Donation Page


Following on from Refine Lab's success with the Sinai Foundation solution we have extended this service to other hospitals and charities. Follow the link below to the website.

Hospital Bitcoin Donation Solutions