Digital-currency Custody

Proven Solutions

Cold Storage Solutions

Strategic Private Key management solutions.

Proprietary Private Key Generation

Off-Line Storage 


Our systems  comply with standard regulatory requirements for North America. Customizations are available to suit specific jurisdictions and changing regulations.

Account Management

Account Database Solutions with real-time reporting.

Customer Portals 

Blockchain Integration

Digital-currency Wallets integrated with Blockchains for verification and Security.


Insurable Digital-currency Solutions.

Refine Labs is on a shortlist of recognized insurable technologies.


Built-in Automated Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing Solutions

Why Refine labs?

Realworld Technologies


Refine Labs has designed and developed a variety of blockchain and Digital-currency projects which, unlike most, have been proven and are used in the real world.

Speed to Market

Modules from our range of completed projects are available for customization to fit your particular workflows. We have spent years developing software for the traditional Financial Industry as well as the nascent Digital-currency Industry.  These ready made solutions can save 12 to 18 months of development time for your project and get you to market faster than the competition.

Compliance and Regulation

Refine brings real-world experience from the Financial Industry which is baked-in to  our software design and architecture. We understand the critical elements of AML, CTF, GDPR & KYC and integrate these workflows and processes directly into our solutions. 

Blockchain Technology

Digital-currencies, Wallets and Private Keys are data types of a new kind because they hold real-world value. Recognition of these nuances is critical in architecture and design of Crypto-Fintech Solutions.  Our advice is to not trust these design challenges to be tackled by developers who don't have tangible Financial Software development experience, (website development is completely different to Crypto-Fintech solutions)

Workflows, Processes and Policies

Regulators and Insurance companies want to see and understand your Crypto-Fintech solutions and policies before proceeding with granting approvals and giving  licensing. Refine Labs has deep experience with these processes and has been brought to the table as a "trusted advisor", "partner" and "recognized third party" aiding our clients with our technical and financial expertise. We know what it takes to attain these valuable credentials and can assist you in your journey through these uncharted waters.


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